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Xiong Chumo: Chong Fan Di Qiu (Dub)

Xiong Chumo: Chong Fan Di Qiu (Dub)

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Completed Genre: Adventure, Anthropomorphic, Comedy, Dub, Kids, Sci-Fi, Space 熊出没·重返地球 熊出没 バック・トゥ・アース大作戦 Boonie Bears: Back to Earth Boonie Bears Movie Season 7 Boonie Bears Movie 7 Movie
Bramble has always dreamed of becoming a great hero in order to gain recognition from everyone, especially his older brother, Briar. A piece of the alien nucleus that fell from the sky broke the peace of Pine Tree Mountain, but unexpectedly, Bramble merged with the alien nucleus and became a bear with alien wisdom and energy. However, this also brought about the pursuit of "alien" Abu who wanted to reclaim the nucleus.
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